Carole is a registered nurse who relocated from New Mexico to Crystal Beach. After a career in critical care and administration Carole opted to spend her time at the beach, relaxing to the sight and sound of the gulf.

In 2008 Hurricane Ike devastated the peninsula and destroyed 75% of our homes. Out By The Sea sustained substantial damage in excess of $200,000 but remained standing.

Carole experienced the terror of Hurricane Ike first hand and she, two friends and two small dogs were rescued five days later.

You may read more about Hurricane Ike in Carole’s published book,

Surviving the Terror…Ike‘,

available on line and in local stores.

“Far from stress, close to the sea”, may be found on every piece of literature at Out By The Sea Bed & Breakfast. On September 12, 2008, Hurricane Ike brought the sea into Out By The Sea.  Unable to evacuate, Carole & her friend Dyan would be exposed to the most terrifying and life changing experience of their lives. Carole & Dyan prepared and braced themselves for the worst, as the storm surge rose to a life-threatening level of 24′, and the winds began to gust to 140mph. Then the tornados started. As Carole was trying to prevent the water from rushing in on the beach side, Dyan screamed from the Regatta Room on the non-beach side. The window was being ripped away from the frame and the water was gushing in. 
Dyan & Carole held the top of the window in with their bare hands, and made hooks out of coat hangers to slide under the bottom of the windows. They then tied the hooks to extension cords and tied the cords to the feet of the beds, pulling the cord tight to provide tension on the line. 
Dyan & Carole held this window in for 3 hours with their bloodied and swollen hands. They prayed for the waves to stop, as the waves tore the house apart. 
The water was forcefully rushing in with each new wave and drenching them while hitting the ceiling with force. As each stronger and more ferocious wave came around the home, it sounded like a freight train approaching. 
They held onto the tops of the window locks as water continued to enter the home at an alarming rate. As the waves receded, the sucking effect was pulling the windows away from the home. The window was now 9″ away from the wood of the home, the siding and insulation had been torn off and the frames were now non-existent. The waves continued to increase in intensity and they knew that next wave may be the one to wash them out to sea.  They stood together and prayed continuously…  They prayed that they would live to see another sunrise!